On the Table: A Summertime Berry Bonanza Posted on 22 May 10:08

Summertime is upon us, and with that comes the arrival of some of our favorite berries. From rosy summer staples, like strawberries and raspberries, to their darker-hued sweet cousins, blueberries and blackberries, each berry is a perfect addition to many dishes. To welcome this wonderful season, we've compiled a few berry-filled recipes that you can add to your daily menu, and some tips on how to make each dish. We've even thrown in a few interesting flavor combinations, just in case you're feeling adventurous.

Breakfast: Kiwi Berry Green Smoothie

kiwi berry greens smoothie

The most important meal of the day should start off with something tasty that still covers all the important bases, like this smoothie. Sweet mixed berries meet up with kiwi fruit and a handful of leafy greens to supply you with vitamins and antioxidants to start off your day, while the frozen banana and a bit of avocado give the drink its deliciously smooth consistency. You can always substitute some or all of the water for milk or Greek yogurt for added thickness. 

Snack: Mulberry and Pear Muffins

pear mulberry muffins

We don't really hear of many recipes that include mulberries, and that could be because fresh ones are pretty hard to find in-store. However, dried mulberries are a feasible option, and they still offer some great nutritional benefits as well as a pleasing, sweet taste. Paired with pears, these muffins are a fantastic option to keep your energy up!

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Lunch: Strawberry, Brie and Bacon Grilled Cheese

strawberry bacon brie grilled cheese 

Grilled cheese is a classic, and this sandwich by Heather Cristo brings in a new twist. Thick slices of buttered rustic bread, brie, bacon and sliced strawberries combine sweet, salty and creamy flavors together for a quick, crispy lunch. With less than ten minutes of cook time, this sandwich is an absolute winner.

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Dinner: Oven-Roasted Blackberry Chicken

blackberry barbecue chicken

Yes, you read that right. This blackberry barbecue sauce by Macheesmo is rich, slightly sweet and made with two cups of deliciously fresh blackberries. With spices like chili powder, cinnamon and dried mustard in the mix, the sauce adds the perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavor for chicken or pork. Pair with a salad and a sweet potato to really bring out the sweet and savory.

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Dessert: Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes

blueberry lemon cupcakes 

Creating filled cupcakes is one of our passions, so these cupcakes from Naturally Ella are the perfect treats on top of a berry-filled menu. Each vanilla cupcake is hollowed out to accommodate a dollop of blueberry compote and is topped with a generous amount of rich lemon buttercream frosting. For some added color, decorate with a handful of rainbow sprinkles.

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Bonus: Rainbow Fruit Brownie Pizza

Before you think about throwing in the diet towel after dinner, don’t worry: This brownie pizza by Culinary Hill is totally lightened up! With a lighter brownie crust and a topping laden with plain Greek yogurt, lower fat cream cheese, kiwi fruit, mandarin oranges, bananas and mixed berries, you’ll love a slice of this sweet treat!

Our tip? Use our 9” round cake pan to bake this “pizza.” The non-stick carbon steel conducts heat well and will leave you with a perfectly crispy, chocolatey crust.


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