Love Cooking Company Bakeware Guide Posted on 15 Jul 10:49

Ever wonder why some recipes call for you to use a glass pan instead of metal? What about when cook time is adjusted for one material or the other? Here is a quick guide for you on the functions of different bakeware materials, and the best kind of pans for you to use depending on what you love to make!

Glass Bakeware

Glass is a great heat conductor for hearty foods like casseroles, and stores any kind of food well. Proceed with caution when moving glass bakeware from hot temperatures to cold, as the pressure can easily break the glass.

Ceramic Bakeware

Similar to glass, ceramic conducts heat well and stores food without transferring any kind of unnecessary flavor from the container. Normally designed in beautiful colors and patterns, ceramic can be a good choice for bakers who want to serve and store their food in one baking dish.

Metal Bakeware

Light metal bakeware is best for dishes that need to bake and brown quickly, as it conducts heat faster than other materials. Both easy to maintain and to cook with, metal bakeware is the go-to for sweets and meats that are fully cooked through, like meatloaf or some cuts of fish.

What kind of baker are you?

Our light, non-stick carbon steel bakeware provides you with a great foundation to create any dish. Whether you gravitate more toward traditional foods or can't wait to try never-before-seen recipes, our equipment can help you every step of the way. 

Traditional Baker:

Loaf of bread made with Mrs. Fields Loaf Pan by Love Cooking CompanyEvery baker requires the essential pans in their kitchen, and we can help you get your collection started or replace your worn-out pieces. With differently sized cupcake pans, cake pans, cookie sheets and more, you'll have all the tools you'll need to prepare yourself for any traditional recipe.

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Baking Gadget Guru:

The Mrs. Fields Slice N Easy is a great way to cut perfect slices of cake. Available in plastic and metal, and for square and round cakes!If you want to cut perfect cake slices and make pristine cookies, our Mrs. Fields Bakeware Accessories collection gives you a tool to prepare and serve the best-looking desserts. Easily cut cookie dough with our Cookie Cuttables or Scoop N Cut. Then slide your finished cookies off the cookie sheet with our Cookie Turner, and transport them to your destination with our Sto' N Go Dessert Carrier. For cake lovers, we'll make sure that none of your cake goes to waste with our Slice N Easy Cake Cutters.

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Creative Culinarian:

With the Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff cupcake pan, you can easily create perfectly filled cupcakes whenever your heart desires!With our unique Mrs. Fields Bakeware Innovations products, complex treats are no longer a mystery! Cover your table with everything from filled cupcakes and cupcake cones to mini donuts and mini cakes, all created with tools that simplify each step.



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Sweet Entertainer:

The Cupcake Merry-Go-Round by Love Cooking Company is the best way to display your beautifully decorate cupcakes and cupcake cones.Whether your dessert of choice is something more traditional like cake, pie and cupcakes, or something a bit more creative like cupcake cones and cake pops, you'll need something to make sure your treats are stored properly and transported safely. With its four different nesting tray inserts to hold cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cake pops and cupcake cones, our Dessert Diva will do the job perfectly.


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Health-Conscious Carnivore:

Chef Tony Bacon Baker by Love Cooking Company bakes delicious bacon and drains the fat and grease away every time!Our Chef Tony Healthy Cooking Bakeware line has your name written all over it if your preferences are savory rather than sweet. Forget splattering grease from stovetop bacon and burgers or meatloaf drowned in its own fat: Our Bacon Baker, Burger Bowls, Greaseless Grillers and Stuffed Meatloaf pan each drain the grease away from your favorite meat as it cooks. Pescatarians, there are tools for you, too! Our Vertical Grill can bake cuts of fish until they're flaky and tender without all the added juice.

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