Cook a Recipe from Your Cookbook Collection Posted on 22 Jan 11:42

We’ve all done it – pinned a million recipes on Pinterest only to never test them in our own kitchens. Perhaps you bought a cookbook that just sits on the shelf, instead of the delicious recipes contained on its pages ever making it to the table. It’s time to dust off those cookbooks and scroll through your bookmarked recipes as we work toward our third New Year’s Resolution: to cook a recipe from your cookbook collection!

We’re taking another look at some recipes from our own digital cookbook (our Pinterest page!) that are all #MadeWithLoveCooking for a little taste of some of the best, plus cooking tips for the New Year.

Break the App Rut

If you find yourself whipping up the same buffalo chicken dip for every occasion, you might be stuck in an app rut. Spice up your appetizers this year with these Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Bites from Tabby’s Pantry. These small delights combine a satisfying crunch with gooey melted cheese and a spicy pop of jalapeño. They take only 10-15 minutes to bake in our Mrs. Fields Cutie Cakes™ Baking Pan, and they're guaranteed to dress up the snack table.


Cut the Grease

Now is the perfect time to experiment with more grease-free recipes and take steps to improve your health. Juicy burgers are a favorite for any occasion, but they’re even better without the grease! Always Blabbing gave the Chef Tony Vertical Grill a try to cook burgers that ended up just as moist and delicious as any other burger.

Update Tradition

Don't just do it the way you've always done it. Make even the most classic of meals something that’s guaranteed to impress! Our Chef Tony Stuffed Meatloaf Pan can help you pull off Networking Witches’ easy meatloaf. With celery, bell pepper, onion, Italian bread crumbs and Catalina salad dressing, this meatloaf is a flavorful alternative – home cooking you can switch up and feel good about serving to your family.

Dine Decadently

Set the standard for desserts all year long by trying something unique and so delicious that it’ll be hard to top. Instagram user @mzmyrtlez used our Mrs. Fields Brookie™ Pan to create crave-worthy baked donuts. They look a bit different than fried donuts, but give health-conscious eaters a little more reason to indulge. Dust the finished product in powdered sugar and enjoy!





A Cookbook Collection to Love!

What recipes have you whipped up from your cookbook collection this year? Share your delicious dishes with us using #MadeWithLoveCooking to help us build a digital cookbook of all of your favorites!

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