Love Cooking's Chef Tony Bacon Baker: Sold Out on QVC! Posted on 23 Jul 10:15

Our popular Chef Tony Bacon Baker has been catching the eyes of many as bakers and cooks are realizing that soggy, greasy bacon is a thing of the past. After its first television feature on the Today Show for Father’s Day, the Bacon Baker has recently been profiled again – this time on QVC!

Culinary personality Tony Notaro appeared on QVC’s In the Kitchen with David to explain the Bacon Baker and all of the concoctions that can be made with it. Hosted by enthusiastic QVC veteran, David Venable, the show is known for profiling the most useful pieces of equipment for any home cook and the Bacon Baker was no exception. It quickly sold out and was named the top product of the show!

Chef Tony Bacon Baker, featured on QVC, is the better way to make baked bacon.

Chef Tony provided us with a platter of inspiration in David’s QVC Kitchen. Not only can the Bacon Baker perfectly bake 12 slices of crispy bacon, but it can also be used to bake jerky – from pork and beef to chicken – all while draining the grease away from the meat. If you’re craving sweetness over savory flavors, easily remove the grates and use the pan to bake brownies!




Chef Tony Bacon Baker removes all the grease from the bacon by baking it in the oven.

When placed next to stovetop-cooked bacon, there was no comparison to the better option. According to Venable, Chef Tony and the Bacon Baker have "saved our bacon" by providing an easy way to bake flavorful bacon and leave behind the unhealthy grease.





Just as Chef Tony said, the Bacon Baker leaves you with "crisp, crunchy and flavorful" bacon every time and all of the other dishes you can create with it are fantastic bonuses! What are you waiting for? Try it out!

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